Ik las ik ben prei i.p.v. ik ben depri. Dat was een teleurstelling.

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i have dyslexia and i mess up a lot on spelling and reading alot but i still try to get better , im shy & quiet i hate loud sounds they scary mm , and im very childish mm well thats what people say about me anyways i good at following rules & listening , i like learning new things about the stuff i like but i hate history and math they well boring , i stutter when im nervous and thats kinda of alot ,
i love every animal with all my heart & im a vegetarian i don't any meat or fish ,
i love my friends & mom & brother very very much , my 2 favorite things in the world are clowns & bunnys i love them so much they both so cute (+●+) ,

likes : clowns , hot air balloons ( the only kinda of balloon i like ) scarecrows , mice , bunnys , rainbows , dinosaur , tattoos , circus , trains , dragons ,

dislikes : rubber gloves , rubber/latex balloons & mylar balloons & parade balloons , fireworks , thunder , ventriloquist dummys , needles , dentists , doctors , masks , loud sounds ,