Hij lijkt niet zo mislukt, maar in het gedeelte dat buiten beeld valt heeft hij nog 7 poten.

Haiiii :p

08 May 2021 04:48
I've been using this website since 2013 ? Not sure but then.. i forgot my password!! DUN DUN DUNNNNN anyways hi! I'm starting new here.. I hope it's as fun and active as I remember..... eheheh..

08 May 2021 19:04
ah!! welcome back!!! i havent been here nearly as long as you have, but i can ensure you that its still super fun!

21 May 2021 10:28
huiiii !!     

21 May 2021 19:45
hello, welcome back i might not respond cause i need to return my chromebook in a couple days so i wont respond :,)

21 May 2021 19:46
just noticed i said i wont respond 2 times