Plak foogel vol met spaarzegels.

Newbie, here.

03 May 2021 09:25
Heya, I'm new to these forums. Wassup?
Tell me about yourselves.

03 May 2021 21:51 / last edited 04 May 2021 01:42
hey!! welcome!! i'm sou, nice to meet you, im glad you're here!
the community here is pretty small tbh atm but i think that just makes it nicer because everyone knows eachother :>
i try to be pretty active, so i hope ill see you around!

since you said to tell you about ourselves, hmm... i:
-know various shark facts that i will spread at my own indiscretion
-am a very awesome gamer
-am an orange belt in okinawan shorin-ryu karate

id like to know about you too!! 

03 May 2021 22:47
Hi there.
I'm a regular on paintchat

05 May 2021 00:10
wassup im bad at this but uh

idk i like drawing and vidya games
current project of mine is making hyperpop music with my bf