Zodra ze met "olieboltomaat" gaan dreigen is voor mij het teken om in te grijpen...

Can I get some help? Inspiration?

14 Sep 2020 15:22
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im stressed

so theres an animation that I'm starting to work on for a national competition that I am competing in. I have a story done... but in terms of character design i got nothing. I'm experiencing a large amount of art block, and am stuck. I know their backstory and everything, but for whatever reason I just cant bring them out onto paper. The animation features 3 characters, but i only have a general idea of what I want ONE of them to look like. On top of that, this whole animation is due in December ( believe the 13th), and I still have to write music, choose a style, storyboard, etc. can someone please help me?

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15 Sep 2020 14:06
Oooh, that does seem like a stressful predicament. But then again, remember that a competition is not a life or death situation. It's just a game, a bit of fun. Relax!

If you have one of the character designs all thought out, I'd say that's a good start. As for the other two, I'd say just start sketching and see where it leads. Don't get too caught up in getting everything exactly right! That's probably how you got blocked in the first place. Just draw whatever comes natural, even if it has little or nothing to do with the back story. You can always decide to adjust the story to match your art, or combine multiple sketches into one that does fit your story. Go nuts! Good luck!

15 Sep 2020 14:34
Thank you!