Ik vraag me nu oprecht af hoe een " geschoren leven" eruit ziet.

are low quality canvases better, or high quality?

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03 Mar 2020 15:11
just wondering what people think

13 Apr 2020 04:35
Depends on what you are going for, I think.  Research indicates that if you are trying to improve your art skills quickly, there is a value to completing many smaller versions of whatever it is your trying to learn to draw (esp. if it is an essential area: form, lighting, anatomy, etc.).  If you are still learning, and to a certain extent we all are, then there is a risk when you work on a bigger canvas that you overfocus on the details and lose time on developing those skills that you are actually needing to work on.

13 Apr 2020 17:57
Thats a good way to look at it.