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problems using oekakis

01 Jul 2017 08:28
hi all ,

I am a new user to this community and I hope this isn't in the wrong place.

I love oekaki and have a good tablet (intuos pro, large) and I'll be enjoying the oekaki and all of a sudden the oekaki will stop responding to my tablet in the middle of a drawing.

My mouse will work just fine, but the tablet will not be able to input onto the oekaki.
The tablet works fine in illustrator, paint, photoshop, etc. No issues known elsewhere.

If there is any help I could be offered I would appreciate it! thank you

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01 Jul 2017 20:51

That's a strange problem. I have no idea what might have caused it, but perhaps we can find out. For starters, could you please provide some more information, e.g.
- Which oekaki app is giving you problems (Animaki, Blush, PaintChat, all?)
- Which OS and browser are you using?

Also, if you experience the problem again, could you please check the browser's error console? (F12 in most browsers, then click "console" in the window that appears.) If you find any error messages there, a screenshot might help me figure out what went wrong.