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Layers file won't save. :(

07 Apr 2014 11:49
I have one drawing that whenever I want the layers file to save separately, it combines the layers. I've tried multiple times to see if the layers stay apart but every time I save and click "yes", it still combines all my layers into one layer. Granted, I did this drawing a couple days ago an I wanted to work on it a little more today. But I drew a little doodle today and had no problems with the layers file.

07 Apr 2014 11:57 / last edited 07 Apr 2014 11:59
That sucks, which program do you use?
And have you saved the layer file on your pc before this happened? Maybe you can do "undo" in the menu you see after you upload, until you go to the version from a few days ago. Maybe the layers still work there.
The technician is working now, but he could probably help later today.

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07 Apr 2014 18:10
If you continue a drawing in Shi-Painter and/or Chibipaint that didn't have layers in a previous session, then the layers won't be saved in subsequent sessions either. Actually I'm not 100% sure about this in the case of Chibipaint, but I do know it is true for Shi-painter, because it is inherent to the way Shi-Painter's layers work. Blush, on the other hand, will always save layers (if not, something is wrong and I need to know about it so I can fix it).